Fire Sale: Toronto Mansion Listed For Sale At $14M Torched By Arsonists

Another day, another newly built home is torched. Toronto Fire Services responded to a residential fire on Thursday morning around York Mills. The newly built, sprawling mansion, listed for sale at $14 million, was mostly lost by the time they could put the fire out. Toronto Police are now looking for four suspects caught on video torching the home to the ground. 

Toronto Fire Services Respond To 2-Alarm Fire At York Mills Mansion

On Thursday morning, Toronto Fire responded to a call at 27 Dempsey Crescent. The two-alarm blaze was so large, it required evacuating homes in the immediate area. They get the fire under control quickly, but accelerants were used and the fire had been burning for at least an hour before they were alerted. No one was injured, but not much of the home was left standing by the time it was out. 

Mansion Burned Down Was Recently Listed For Sale At $14 Million

The burned down mansion is currently on the market, listed for sale less than two months ago at $13.8 million. The sprawling 6+1 bedroom French chateau-style home had over 10,000 sqft, excluding the 3,000 sqft underground garage. The property’s listing was still up as of Friday morning, with a list price comparable to similar properties in the area. 

Toronto Police Seek 4 Arsonists In Relation To The Fire

Arriving in masks, hoodies, and carrying Jerry cans of gasoline—4 suspects set fire to the back of the home. They were caught on security cameras arriving at 4am in a dark Mercedes. Toronto Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects. 

The home is owned by Realtor and homebuilder Alireza Afzaz, who told CP24 he has no idea why he was targeted.  

Greater Toronto has recently experienced a string of new home arson. It’s become so common that earlier this month, a commercial insurer released a warning to home builders to take extra safety measures to reduce the chance of arson, even suggesting 24-hour guards—something not typically observed in Canada.

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    Ron Bruce 4 seconds ago

    Firemen call this “Financial Combustion”. When fire insurance payments are worth more than the building, torch it. If the building was purchased with laundered money, it is best to get rid of it, as money launderers can face civil forfeiture and jail time.

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